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Asset-based, Resident-led Neighbourhood Development

Reflection Paper by Eric Leviten-Reid

Action for Neighbourhood Change (ANC) is a federally funded initiative that began in February 2005. ANC explores resident-led approaches to neighbourhood renewal that will successfully enable individuals and families to build sustainable, healthy communities. ANC also explores enhancing government responsiveness to neighbourhood concerns.

According to Eric Leviten-Reid, ANC achieved significant results in its first 14 months. For example, it established the infrastructure to support its work, followed a complete cycle in the revitalization process, and explored the implications for government policies and procedures pertaining to urban renewal. It also explored the role of other structures in supporting neighbourhood renewal.

In this paper Leviten-Reid synthesizes ANC’s findings and highlights key lessons learned so far. He also explains how these findings and highlights can impact ongoing efforts to revitalize neighbourhoods.

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Author(s): Eric Leviten-Reid;
Publisher: Caledon Institute of Social Policy [ Visit Website ]
Year Published: 2006; Publisher Type: Research Institute
Publicly Available: Yes Research Focus: National;
Registration Required: No Language: English
Payment Required: No Publication Format: Adobe PDF

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Policy Articles / Cities & Communities / Urban Change & Renewal
Policy Articles / Cities & Communities
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Policy Articles / Cities & Communities / Urban Change & Renewal / 2006
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Policy Articles / Citizen Engagement / Consultation / 2006

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Resident-led approaches; neighbourhood renewal; neighbourhood renewal; sustainable healthy communities; urban renewal; government policies; Action for Neighbourhood Change;