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Caledon Institute of Social Policy

The Caledon Institute was established in 1992 and is supported by the Maytree Foundation in Toronto. Based in Ottawa, the Institute is a private, non-profit, social policy think tank with charitable status. The Caledon Institute is not affiliated with any political party and receives no government funding. Underlying the work of the Institute is the quest for a “new architecture of social policy,” in which it attempts to develop cost-effective solutions to social problems. The Caledon Institute also seeks to inform and influence public opinion and foster public discussion on social policy issues.

The Caledon Institute produces brief commentaries, popular reports, technical reports and books, and, on a contract basis, provides reports for governments. Its work is published in newspapers, journals, and books. Caledon Institute publications cover policy in areas including income security, community capacity-building, taxation, social spending, employment development, social services, disability supports, and health. Its goal is to create a strong social policy to “fight poverty, ensure social and economic security, and achieve social justice.”

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Publisher Type: Research Institute
Research Focus: Municipal; National; Provincial; Regional;
Registration Required: No Registration Requirements: N/A
Registration Good For: N/A Date Founded: 1992
Publication Formats: Adobe PDF, Word DOC Language: English French
Free Publications: Yes: Adobe PDF, Word DOC Available Dates for Free Publications: May 1993 - Present
Publications for a Fee: No: All Publications Free Available Dates for Publications for a Fee: N/A

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Contact Information

Caledon Institute of Social Policy
1600 Scott St, Suite 620
Ottawa, ON K1Y 4N7
Ph: (613) 729-3340
Fax: (613) 729-3896

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