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Can Markets Save Canada’s National Parks?

Digital Publications by Kenneth Green, Sylvia LeRoy

Green and LeRoy offer a comprehensive view of, in their view, how the politics of park management have prevented Parks Canada from considering the full range of policy options that could help secure a sustainable future for Canada’s national parks. Using statistical analysis they show that although the size of Canada’s protected areas has grown dramatically, the government has used new parks to fuel economic development and reward political interests. They also point out that the federal government has failed to protect Canada’s heritage sites and buildings.

Green and LeRoy argue that private land conservation initiatives have had considerable success in Canada, while government conservation initiatives tend to be short-term, and often ‘crowd out’ these effective private initiatives. They argue that if Canada’s parks are to be properly protected and managed, then policy-makers must learn from the best practices of the non-profit conservation sector, as well as from these private-sector initiatives.

The authors conclude that creative solutions are needed in order to maintain and increase the area of protected parks in Canada. They point to ineffective money management as a major barrier to this. Some of the solutions they suggest: localizing management and decision-making processes, experimenting with various privatization options, and park stewardship that is based on self-sufficiency.

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Author(s): Kenneth Green; Sylvia LeRoy;
Publisher: Fraser Institute [ Visit Website ]
Year Published: 2005; Publisher Type: Research Institute
Publicly Available: Yes Research Focus: National; Provincial;
Registration Required: No Language: English
Payment Required: No Publication Format: Adobe PDF

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Policy Articles / Environment & Climate / Sustainable Development / 2005
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