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Centre for Cultural Renewal

The Centre for Cultural Renewal (CCR) was founded in 1997 with the mandate of “explaining the importance of religions to culture and the importance of culture to religions.” It is an independent, non-profit, charitable organization that helps Canadians and their leaders shape a vision of civil society. Its goal is to provide a vision of civil society that “addresses the fundamental connections between public policy, culture, moral discourse, and religious conviction.

The Centre produces discussion papers, forums, and lecture series on key issues affecting Canadian society. Its research is shared with the media, governments, and interested members of the public. Researchers from across Canada and abroad are involved in the work of the Centre. The Centre’s primary objective is to achieve cultural engagement by uniting many disciplines (such as politics, religion, media, arts, philosophy, and law) across both political and religious boundaries.

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Publisher Type: Research Institute
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Contact Information

Centre for Cultural Renewal
503-39 Robertson Road
Ottawa, Ontario K2H 8R2
Ph: (613) 567-9010
Fax: (613) 567-6061

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