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Implementing a Strategy for the Long-term Management of Used Nuclear Fuel

Outcomes Report by Sandra Lopes

Sandra Lopes provides an overview of the December 2004 conference hosted by the Public Policy Forum, in addition to summarizing its conclusions. Senior leaders in the private and non-profit sectors attended this conference. They were asked to comment on potential elements of an implementation plan that would ensure that Canadians would be confident in the long-term solutions undertaken to manage nuclear fuel waste. Members of the Nuclear Waste Management Organization also attended.

At the conference, the leaders were given the opportunity to provide the Nuclear Waste Management Organization with insight on policy challenges and opportunities, characteristics of a successful implementation policy, and factors pertaining to the design of institutions for public confidence. Lopes outlines policy challenges identified by the participants, including : regionalism, the rural/urban split, transportation, and the “not in my backyard” problem. The leaders also offered a number of suggestions for successful implementation policies, such as using an incremental approach and communicating expert advice effectively.

To conclude, participants suggested approaches for governance and oversight to support the implementation of a long-term management approach, including: ensuring that the process is democratic and transparent; ensuring expert-run and managed facilities; ensuring local involvement; and, the adoption of adaptive management strategies.

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Author(s): Sandra Lopes;
Publisher: Public Policy Forum [ Visit Website ]
Year Published: 2005; Publisher Type: Research Institute
Publicly Available: Yes Research Focus: National;
Registration Required: No Language: English
Payment Required: No Publication Format: Adobe PDF

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