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National Council of Welfare

The National Council on Welfare (NCW) is a citizens’ advisory body to the Minister of Social Development Canada on matters of concern to low-income Canadians. Established in 1969, the Council advises the Minister on the needs and problems of low-income Canadians, and on programs and policies that affect their welfare. The Council communicates directly with the Minister, influences public opinion, and provides a vehicle through which the public can make its concerns known to the government.

The Council achieves its mandate through publishing research reports, direct communication with the Minister of Social Development, meetings, and responding to enquiries from researchers, the media, and the public. The Council focuses on poverty and social issues, publishing several reports each year on these specific topics. Other issues the NCW has explored in the past include child benefits, the tax system, employment programs, and health care benefits.

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Publisher Type: Research Institute
Research Focus: National; Provincial;
Registration Required: No Registration Requirements: N/A
Registration Good For: N/A Date Founded: 1969
Publication Formats: Adobe PDF, Hard Copy, Online Copy Language: English French
Free Publications: Yes: Adobe PDF, Online Copy Available Dates for Free Publications: 1998 - Present
Publications for a Fee: Yes: Hard Copy Available Dates for Publications for a Fee: 1971 - Present

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Contact Information

National Council of Welfare
112 Kent Street, 9th Floor
Place de Ville, Tower B
Ottawa, ON K1A 0J9
Ph: (613) 957-2961
Fax: (613) 957-0680

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