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Policing Alberta: An Analysis of the Alternatives to the Federal Provision of Policing Services

Public Policy Sources by Barry Cooper, Royce Koop

Cooper and Koop begin their paper by identifying four distinctive types of police services provided in Alberta those offered by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), municipal policing, First Nations policing, and regional policing (which has been a legal option under the Alberta Police Act since 1988). Cooper and Koop undertake an historical overview of policing in Alberta vis-à-vis the introduction and dissolution of the federal police in Alberta, setting the stage for the rest of their analyses.

As Cooper and Koop point out, historically the arrangements that have led to the plethora of policing services in Alberta, as well as the needs served by the existing police services, are quite distinct. The authors argue that the form of policing in any given community is conditioned by regulations reflecting the population of that community, as well as the option of a discretionary act by the local municipal government.

Cooper and Koop conclude the best course of action for Alberta would be to maintain, approximately, existing arrangements, in terms of departments and detachments, but to replace the federal police in all capacities with a provincially-administered force, and to replace the federal police in communities (with a population greater than 15,000) with a provincially-administered force. Cooper and Koop also recommend replacing some, or all, federal police detachments in rural areas with several regional forces based in larger population centres.

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Author(s): Barry Cooper; Royce Koop;
Publisher: Fraser Institute [ Visit Website ]
Year Published: 2003; Publisher Type: Research Institute
Publicly Available: Yes Research Focus: Provincial;
Registration Required: No Language: English
Payment Required: No Publication Format: Adobe PDF

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Policy Articles / Crime & Justice / Policing
Policy Articles / Crime & Justice / Policing / 2003
Policy Articles / Crime & Justice

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federal police forces; Alberta provincially-administered police force; regional policing; RCMP; municipal policing;