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Canada's New Social Risks: Directions for a New Social Architecture popular

Jane Jenson provides a synthesis report for the year-long analysis undertaken by Canadian and international experts for a research program organized by the CPRN.

Lessons from Abroad: Towards a New Social Model for Canada's Aboriginal Peoples popular

The objective of this paper is to point to some of the common challenges around Aboriginal social policy in different countries. The authors hope to learn from experiences elsewhere, to enhance knowledge in Canada as it relates to Aboriginal Peoples.

Not Strangers in These Parts: Urban Aboriginal Peoples popular

This book, edited by David Newhouse and Evelyn Peters, is a compellation of articles focusing on aboriginal life in urban Canada. There are 16 articles as well as facts on Aboriginals in urban areas and an introduction written by Peters.

Quality of Life of Aboriginal People in Canada: An Analysis of Current Research popular

Daniel Salée explores the current state of knowledge regarding the broad issues affecting Aboriginal people in Canada.

Aboriginal Communities and Urban Sustainability

This article by Katherine A.H. Graham and Evelyn Peters looks at aboriginals and city life, and the policy environment that surrounds this relationship. They argue that there are certain key characteristics of the current policy milieu. First is the “jurisdictional maze” of policy and jurisprudence. The second element is that we seem to be developing a more “nuanced understanding of the characteristics of Aboriginal people living in cities”, acknowledging their inter-connectedness with the non-urban aboriginal population. The third element is the “nascent understanding” that locally-driven initiatives can be very responsive to immediate problems, even from the point of view of federal programs. Finally, the authors offer several recommendations.

First Nations and Métis People and Diversity in Canadian Cities

This article by Evelyn Peters analyzes ways to recognize and accommodate First Nations and Métis diversity in cities.

Self-Determination, Citizenship and Federalism: Indigenous and Canadian Palimpsest

Dr. Joyce Green discusses the unfortunate relationship between Canada's aboriginal population and Canada. She considers how reconciliation may be possible and looks at how conceptions of self-determination, citizenship and identity may inform this reconciliation.

The Challenge for Change: Realizing the Legacy of the Aboriginal Justice Inquiry Report

The over-representation of Aboriginal women in prison, relative to their numbers in the general population, has reached alarming proportions in Manitoba. Lafreniere, Fontaine and Comack argue that these women face some of the most severe hardships in our society, including: the intergenerational effects of residential schools and colonial state policies such as the Indian Act; poverty; histories of physical and sexual abuse; mental health issues; and, problems with drugs and alcohol.

Urgent Need, Serious Opportunity: Towards a New Social Model for Canada's Aboriginal Peoples

In this paper, Frances Abele addresses the subject of social welfare for Aboriginal peoples in Canada.