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Aboriginal Off-Reserve Education: Time for Action popular

Richards and Vining argue that more than any other factor, poor education levels are condemning many Aboriginals to live in poverty. They point out that the links among education, employment and income are critical, and suggest that Aboriginal People are not being provided with the opportunity to make realize the potential value of all three of these tenets. In this study, Richards and Vining assess the education performance of Aboriginal students in individual off-reserve British Columbia schools.

Manitoba in Profile

Manitoba in Profile, by Jason Azmier of the Canada West Foundation, reports on economic and demographic trends in the province of Manitoba in order to inform policy makers on how best to deal with the increasing number of challenges presented to the province by globalization.

Rethinking The Jurisdictional Divide: The Marginalization of Urban Aboriginal Communities and Federal Policy Responses

In this paper Janice Stokes, Ian Peach and Raymond Blake discuss the urbanization of the Aboriginal population in Canada and consider how a strategy involving the provinces, the aboriginal people themselves as well as the federal government could improve living conditions for Aboriginal peoples in cities.

The Charter of Rights and Off-Reserve First Nations People: A Way to Fill the Public Policy Vacuum?

Ian Peach discusses the issue of abroigianl urbanization and the difference between the services provided to on-reserve and off-reserve aboriginal peoples in Canada. Peach argues that the denial of services to the off-reserve aboriginal popuation is unconstitutional.

True Partners: Charting a New Deal for BC, First Nations and the Forests We Share

Ben Parfitt analyzes the British Columbia government’s efforts to share provincial revenues and forest resources with First Nations. In his report, Parfitt concludes that although efforts have been made in the wake of various court decisions, the current formula employed by the province is fundamentally flawed.