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Canada's New Social Risks: Directions for a New Social Architecture popular

Jane Jenson provides a synthesis report for the year-long analysis undertaken by Canadian and international experts for a research program organized by the CPRN.

Lessons from Abroad: Towards a New Social Model for Canada's Aboriginal Peoples popular

The objective of this paper is to point to some of the common challenges around Aboriginal social policy in different countries. The authors hope to learn from experiences elsewhere, to enhance knowledge in Canada as it relates to Aboriginal Peoples.

Quality of Life of Aboriginal People in Canada: An Analysis of Current Research popular

Daniel Salée explores the current state of knowledge regarding the broad issues affecting Aboriginal people in Canada.

Enhanced Urban Aboriginal Programming in Western Canada

Enhanced Urban Aboriginal Programming in Western Canada, by Calvin Hanselmann, Carolyn Nyhof and Julie McGuire, of the Canada West Foundation, examines programs in place to aid urban Aboriginals in Western Canadian cities.

First Nations and Métis People and Diversity in Canadian Cities

This article by Evelyn Peters analyzes ways to recognize and accommodate First Nations and Métis diversity in cities.

The Charter of Rights and Off-Reserve First Nations People: A Way to Fill the Public Policy Vacuum?

Ian Peach discusses the issue of abroigianl urbanization and the difference between the services provided to on-reserve and off-reserve aboriginal peoples in Canada. Peach argues that the denial of services to the off-reserve aboriginal popuation is unconstitutional.

Uncommon Sense: Promising Practices in Urban Aboriginal Policy-Making and Programming

Calvin Hanselmann’s paper Uncommon Sense: Promising Practices in Urban Aboriginal Policy-Making and Programming, published by the Canada West Foundation, examines “good ideas” on Aboriginal policy-making. Hanselmann stresses that he is not exploring best practices, because of the sense of absolutism attached to the phrase, but rather promising Aboriginal policy practices across Western Canada.