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Not Strangers in These Parts: Urban Aboriginal Peoples popular

This book, edited by David Newhouse and Evelyn Peters, is a compellation of articles focusing on aboriginal life in urban Canada. There are 16 articles as well as facts on Aboriginals in urban areas and an introduction written by Peters.

Aboriginal Involvement in Community Development: The Case of Winnipeg's Spence Neighbourhood

In this study, Jim Silver, Joan Hay and Peter Gorzen attempt to answer two questions: 1) to what extent, and in what ways, the rapidly growing numbers of Aboriginal people in Winnipeg’s inner-city Spence neighbourhood are participating in community development initiatives; and, 2) how Aboriginal people themselves define community development and what they would like to see happen to improve the Spence neighbourhood.

Doing Business with the Devil: Land, Sovereignty, and Corporate Partnerships in Membertou Inc.

Membertou First Nation is a part of the city of Sydney, Nova Scotia, and one of the few urban Aboriginal reserves in Atlantic Canada. Jacquelyn Thayer Scott argues that Membertou defies stereotypes about poor, mismanaged reserves: she points to its updated infrastructure, high-quality education, corporate and community partnerships, community involvement, and strong social services as evidence.

In a Voice of Their Own: Urban Aboriginal Community Development

In this paper Silver, Ghorayshi, Hay and Klyne attempt to explain how urban Aboriginal communities have attempted to transcend traditional Aboriginal discrimination and create urban areas that focus on Aboriginal organization, culture, and empowerment.

Rethinking The Jurisdictional Divide: The Marginalization of Urban Aboriginal Communities and Federal Policy Responses

In this paper Janice Stokes, Ian Peach and Raymond Blake discuss the urbanization of the Aboriginal population in Canada and consider how a strategy involving the provinces, the aboriginal people themselves as well as the federal government could improve living conditions for Aboriginal peoples in cities.

Shared Responsibility: Final Report and Recommendations of the Urban Aboriginal Initiative

In this report, Hanselmann explores the importance of urban Aboriginal issues in the West. This report is the culmination of a two-year study entitled the Urban Aboriginal Initiative, which identified key policy areas, explored policy options and alternatives, highlighted promising practice ideas, and promoted dialogue about urban Aboriginal issues.

The Charter of Rights and Off-Reserve First Nations People: A Way to Fill the Public Policy Vacuum?

Ian Peach discusses the issue of abroigianl urbanization and the difference between the services provided to on-reserve and off-reserve aboriginal peoples in Canada. Peach argues that the denial of services to the off-reserve aboriginal popuation is unconstitutional.