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A Civil Argument About Dignity, Beliefs and Marriage popular

This brief discussion paper by Iain Benson discusses the challenges to of the same-sex marriage debate in Canada. He includes the history of marriage, as well as the legal, religious and social aspects of marriage in Canada.

A Civil Argument About Dignity, Beliefs and Marriage

Ian T. Benson wrote this brief regarding the Civil Marriage Act (Bill C-38). Benson argues that the central problem with the marriage debate is that the fundamental starting points of both sides are irreconcilable.

Bill C-38 and Public Education -- A Brief for the Legislative Committee

In this brief paper Peter Lauwers discusses the impact that a same sex marriage law would have on the curriculum of public schools.

Deliberative Polling in Canada Workshop

This report examines Deliberative Polling, a method for discerning public opinion developed by Dr. James Fishkin. This approach combines traditional public opinion polling with group deliberation.

Errors and Omissions in Bill C-38 as Passed by the House: The Need for Senate Recommendations for Amendments

In this brief Iain T. Benson argues that, in the case of divisive issues like marriage, special attention must be paid to process and analysis.

How the Marriage Challenge Developed

Iain Benson briefly discusses what he sees as the evolution of the breakdown of the sanctity of marriage. He sees this as including divorce, common law relationships and gay marriage.

How the Marriage Challenge Developed

In his paper Iain T. Benson explores changes in law and in society that have paved the way for the current debate about marriage.

Supreme Court Finally Asked a Real Question

Iain Benson briefly comments on the same-sex marriage reference question posed to the Supreme Court of Canada by the House of Commons.

The Future of Marriage in Canada: Is it Time to Consider "Civil Unions?"

Iain Benson argues against the development of a "civil union" category of marriage in Canada because he sees this as an excessively large separation between marriage and religion.

The Future of Marriage in Canada: Is It Time to Consider “Civil Unions”?

Iain T. Benson suggests that while the status of same-sex marriage is almost resolved in Canada, what has not been discussed is whether the government can use “marriage” as a category to determine benefits.