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In For the Long Haul: Women's Organizations in Manitoba

In this report Joan Grace examines the women’s movement in Manitoba and discusses how women have organized since the demise of the Manitoba Action Committee on the Status of Women (MACSW) in 1999.

Women on Boards: Not Just the Right Thing ... But the 'Bright' Thing

This article by Vanessa Anastasopoulos, David A.H. Brown and Debra L. Brown looks at the number of women on corporate boards and find that, since 1998, it has levelled off. Contrary to most other studies, the authors do not attempt to answer the question of “how” to get more women on boards, but “why” the appointments ‘stagnation’ occurred. They suggests there are both symbolic and practical reasons to have women on boards. Symbolic reasons include the representation of diversity, which mirrors an increasingly diversified shareholder base; practically speaking, the authors find that having more women on a board tends to reflect improved corporate performance.