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Another Fine Balance: Managing Diversity in Canadian Cities

Katherine Graham and Susan Phillips analyze how Canadian urban governments are responding to both the changing patterns and the evolving understandings of diversity.

Creative Cities: Principles and Practices

Nancy Duxbury states that, while it is easy to describe the features of a creative city, much less is known about the conditions that foster creativity, and the mechanisms, processes, and resources that turn ideas into innovations.

Culture and Recreation: Links to Well-Being

This short paper by Sherri Torjman links culture and recreation to the health and wellbeing of both individuals and the communities they live in.

First Nations and Métis People and Diversity in Canadian Cities

This article by Evelyn Peters analyzes ways to recognize and accommodate First Nations and Métis diversity in cities.

Inner-City Voices, Community-Based Solutions: State of the Inner City Report: 2006

This report outlines the condition of inner-city life Winnipeg in 2006, focusing largely on the West Broadway and North Point Douglas neighbourhoods.

The Opportunity and Challenge of Diversity: A Role for Social Capital?

This group of papers was used to guide discussions at an international conference on the use of social capital as a policy tool. The papers in this document include: "Social Capital: Building a Foundation for Research and Policy Development" by Robert Judge, "Social Capital and Economic Outcomes for Immigrants and Ethnic Minorities" by Peter Li, " The Role of Cities in Immigrant Integration" by Brian Ray, "Social Capital and the Political Integration of Immigrants" by Jean Tillie, and "Immigration and Social Capital: Issue Paper" by John Helliwell.

Ties that Bind? Social Cohesion and Diversity in Canada

This article by Stuart N. Soroka, Richard Johnston, and Keith Banting asks whether Canadians must worry about social cohesion, particularly in light of immigration and the difficulties faced by new immigrants.