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A Globalist Strategy for Calgary

Patrick Smith and Kennedy Stewart distinguish between “globalized” and “globalist” cities. Globalized cities respond to the forces of globalization and are shaped by external interests, while globalist cities are proactive, increasing their presence in the world and improving their economy.

Gentrification in West Broadway? Contested Space in a Winnipeg Inner City Neighbourhood

Silver examines the Winnipeg inner city, noting that the decline of urban inner cities since the 1950s has resulted in increased rates of poverty and crime, deterioration of residential facilities, lowering of property values and reduction in tax value of these areas.

North End Winnipeg’s Lord Selkirk Part Housing Development: History, Comparative Context, Prospects

In this paper Jim Silver explores the North End Winnipeg public housing development in the Lord Selkirk Park neighbourhood.

Taming the Tempest: An Alternate Development Strategy for Alberta

Diana Gibson states that with more than CAD $169 billion in planned large-scale construction projects, “Alberta’s already overheated economy is only going to get worse.”

The Burgeoning Fringe: Western Canada's Rural Metro-Adjacent Areas

In this report, Azmier and Dobson argue that rural areas in Western Canada have undergone a transformation. In particular, they suggest that city residents are moving out into the countryside to experience the natural environment of the West; at the same time, rural residents are moving closer to the cities to be near the economic and lifestyle advantages of the cities without completely abandoning their rural roots.