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Gentrification in West Broadway? Contested Space in a Winnipeg Inner City Neighbourhood

Silver examines the Winnipeg inner city, noting that the decline of urban inner cities since the 1950s has resulted in increased rates of poverty and crime, deterioration of residential facilities, lowering of property values and reduction in tax value of these areas.

Inner-City Voices, Community-Based Solutions: State of the Inner City Report: 2006

This report outlines the condition of inner-city life Winnipeg in 2006, focusing largely on the West Broadway and North Point Douglas neighbourhoods.

Safety and Security Issues in Winnipeg’s Inner-City Communities: Bridging the Community-Police Divide

Comack and Silver interview 45 residents and business people, in addition to 17 community workers, in three inner-city Winnipeg neighbourhoods to assess the state of safety and security. From this, they suggest that globalization, migration of Aboriginal peoples to the cities, and the growing number of immigrants have resulted in a “concentration of racialized poverty” in Winnipeg’s inner city.

Social Capital in Action

This extensive, collaborative paper discuss social capital in Canada and its role in eight specific policy areas. The report covers polices of poverty reduction, aging, settlement of new immigrants, aboriginal youth, youth civic engagement, local crime prevention, community development and policing in Aboriginal communities. Each area is considered in light of social capital and how its encouragement in these areas may positively effect them.