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A Jew defends the cross

Dennis Prager, a Los Angeles-based radio host, raised the issue on his radio program at the time of the vote regarding whether or not the cross should be removed. He argued that it should not because the county was founded by Catholics.

“Separation and Cooperation: Perspectives from USA and Europe”

Allan Carlson begins his paper by stating there are widespread fears that the current US Administration under George W. Bush brings religion and politics alarmingly close together.

Church’s end-of-life teaching is a gift to be shared

In this brief article, Bridget Campion describes her first case as a clinical ethicist.

Medicine, Professionalism and Conscience: Is Pluralism “One Size Fits All”?

In this paper Cristina Alarcon explores “the false dichotomy and growing lack of tolerance towards religious belief that permeates the medical profession in Western society.”

Notes Towards a (Re)definition of the “Secular”

Iain T. Benson suggests that the term “secular” has received little analysis in any judgement by the Canadian courts. The author examines the meaning of “secular” in relation to the nature of human acts as based on faith, and also explores some contextual concerns.

Overcoming “The Culture of Disbelief”

In this paper Ogilvie reviews court decisions that show the “regard (and disregard) courts have had for faith…She focuses on the virtual banishment of religion qua religion especially from the public square.”

Politics Between the Earthly City and the City of God in Christianity

Christians have long struggled with determining the appropriate balance of power between politics and the church. Historically, John von Heyking points out, there has been a range of responses to this dilemma.

Secularism and the Deeper Questions of Religion and Society

The role of religion in the state is a longstanding debate in France. The latest iteration of that debate, Iain T. Benson argues, regards girls from Muslim families wearing head coverings or hajabs in public schools.

Separation & Cooperation within Canadian Pluralism

The relations of church and state are increasingly troubled and contested in Western society, George Egerton contends. Canada, he suggests, is caught somewhere between Europe and the US in its religious and political culture, but the relationship between church and state is increasingly in strife.

The Context for Diversity and Accommodation in the Democratic State: The Need for a Re-evaluation of Current Approaches in Canada

In this paper Iain T. Benson explores the current context in which the relation between religions, society, and the state is explored. Benson states the term “secular” is undefined and often misused.

The Role of Religion at the Calgary Board of Education

According to Gordon Dirks, only 30 percent of Canadian adults have any direct contact with public schools. He contends that if the other 70 percent were to set foot in a classroom today, they would be struck by the marked socio-demographic changes in the school population – particularly in larger cities such as Calgary.

Theocracy & Cooperation through the Ages in Judaism, Christianity and Islam

Dr. David Novak begins with a discussion of the term “theocracy.” He states that, in many cases, the term is thrown around in a menacing way that disturbs people.

Threats to Cooperation Between Religion and State in Canada Today – Some Lessons From “One Man’s Story”

In his paper Bishop Henry asserts, “Constraining religious liberty diminishes our humanity.” Denying religious freedom robs humans of the ultimate meaning and direction in their lives.