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Home Policy Articles: Citizen Engagement: Elections & Voting: 2005


Are Young Canadians Becoming Political Dropouts? A Comparative Perspective

In this edition of Choices Henry Milner expresses concern over decreasing voter turnout rates in Canada, suggesting this reality has much to do with an abstention on the part of young voters. Milner seeks to explain what he considers to be a generational phenomenon (the under-30 abstention), and to provide possible solutions to this problem. In this context, he considers the experiences of other countries that have addressed this problem, or resisted it altogether.

Fixing Canada’s Unfixed Election Dates: A Political Season to Reduce the Democratic Deficit

This report was written by Henry Milner following the 2005 provincial election in British Columbia, an election that was held on a date predetermined by law – rather than customary Canadian tradition, with the leader of the governing party determining an election call. In this paper, the author asks whether Canadian democracy would be improved if fixed election dates were introduced at both the provincial and federal levels. For his study, he examined 40 democratic countries around the world, finding that only one-quarter of them have unfixed election dates.

Towards open skies for airlines in Canada

According to Pierre J. Jeanniot, the Canadian government is considering greater liberalization in the country’s airline industry in line with the current international trend toward open markets in aviation.