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Are Young Canadians Becoming Political Dropouts? A Comparative Perspective

In this edition of Choices Henry Milner expresses concern over decreasing voter turnout rates in Canada, suggesting this reality has much to do with an abstention on the part of young voters. Milner seeks to explain what he considers to be a generational phenomenon (the under-30 abstention), and to provide possible solutions to this problem. In this context, he considers the experiences of other countries that have addressed this problem, or resisted it altogether.

Electoral System Reform in Canada: Objectives, Advocacy and Implications for Governance

This article by F. Leslie Seidle analyzes the re-emergence of debate surrounding electoral reform in Canada. Part 1 surveys different arguments put forth by academics, researchers, and federal and provincial political parties in the debate, notably several proposed alternative voting systems. Part 2 includes profiles of four Canadian groups lobbying for change, as well “a review of the role certain civil society organizations played in setting the agenda for the adoption of alternative systems for the New Zealand House of Representatives and the assemblies created by devolution to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.”

First Past the Post? Progress Report on Electoral Reform Initiatives in Canadian Provinces

In this paper, Henry Milner looks at the progress of electoral reform in Canada. He examines the system of mixed-member proportional representation (MMP), recently implemented by New Zealand, Scotland, and Wales.

The Reform of Democratic Institutions: The Views of Parliamentary Candidates

Jerome Black and Bruce Hicks examine the views of elites regarding electoral reform, achieved through a broad questionnaire offered to the candidates from the five major parties (including the Green Party) competing in the 2004 Canadian general election, held on June 28, 2004.

The Seat Shortage: Changing Demographics and Representation in the House of Commons

In this e-brief, Ben Tomlin notes that the growth of the Canadian population, particularly in Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta is not being met by the Census Canada calculations for the allocation of seats in the House of Commons.