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Are Canadian Political Parties Empty Vessels? Membership, Engagement and Policy Capacity

This article analyzes the role played by political party members in Canada. William Cross and Lisa Young use the empirical evidence gathered by a survey of party members with the five major political parties, conducted in 2000, and find most to be dissatisfied with the roles they play.

Corporate Political Contributions in Canada: Practices and Perspectives

The purpose of this report by Averill and Neville is to improve to the overall understanding of current corporate practices on political contributions, and to contribute to the current debate on proposed legislation to reform the system of political contributions. Averill and Neville note that while corporations have been a traditional source of funding for political activity, corporate contributions have increasingly come under public and media scrutiny.

Rethinking Political Parties: Discussion Paper

In an age of democratic renewal, Graham Fox argues that one of the key actors overlooked has been the political party.

The Shifting Place of Political Parties in Canadian Public Life

R. Kenneth Carty questions the role, shape, and nature of political parties in Canada, considering the past, present, and future.