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Citizen and Community Participation: Understanding and Leveraging Its Potential popular

This report, prepared by Sandra Lopes, summarizes the June 2004 roundtable about the ideas and investment framework for citizen and community participation. Lopes identifies seven elements which comprise the spectrum of activity defined as citizen and community participation: public involvement; volunteering and giving; caregiving; environmental stewardship; belonging; cultural activity; and, sport/physical activity.

Investing in Canada: Fostering an Agenda for Citizen and Community Participation

This paper’s purpose is to stimulate discussion about the importance of citizen and community participation and to advocate investment and leadership. Paddy Bowen argues there are many potential investors: governments; foundations; the corporate sector; non-profit organizations; communities; and individuals.

The Forum on the Implementation of the Accord Between the Voluntary Sector and the Government of Canada

The purpose of the Voluntary Sector Initiative (VSI) is to strengthen the relationship between the Canadian government and Canada’s voluntary sector, while also providing a tool to bolster volunteerism in Canada. To meet this objective, the federal government retained the Public Policy Forum to organize discussions on the VSI in hopes of reaching agreement on key issues.