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A Civil Argument About Dignity, Beliefs and Marriage

Ian T. Benson wrote this brief regarding the Civil Marriage Act (Bill C-38). Benson argues that the central problem with the marriage debate is that the fundamental starting points of both sides are irreconcilable.

Euthanasia: Definitions, Concerns and Proposals

In this paper Dr. Arnold Voth explores euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide from a medical point of view.

How the Marriage Challenge Developed

In his paper Iain T. Benson explores changes in law and in society that have paved the way for the current debate about marriage.

Protecting Parental Liberty in a Child-Centred Legal System

According to Silver, in Canada the institutions of the family, private property and religion are under strain. She contends it is time to renew discussion about the “proper role of the family in a free and democratic society.”

Rolling Back Human Rights in BC: An Assessment of Bill 53 - the Government of British Columbia's Draft Human Rights Legislation

In May 2002 the Government of British Columbia tabled Bill 53, an Act to amend the British Columbia Human Rights Code. According to Shelagh Day, author of this evaluation of the proposed legislation, Bill 53 is the Government of British Columbia’s response to concerns over the functioning of the BC Human Rights Commission. Day stresses, however, that Bill 53 must be evaluated to determine whether it actually confronts these concerns. The conclusion of her evaluation is that it does not.

Secularism and the Deeper Questions of Religion and Society

In this brief paper Iain Benson comments on the banning of religious symbols in public schools in France.

Threats to Cooperation Between Religion and State in Canada Today – Some Lessons From “One Man’s Story”

In his paper Bishop Henry asserts, “Constraining religious liberty diminishes our humanity.” Denying religious freedom robs humans of the ultimate meaning and direction in their lives.