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Compendium of Promising Crime Prevention Practices in Canada

In this document Wanda Jamieson and Liz Hart document the effective crime prevention practices which are being used across Canada.

Marijuana Growth in British Columbia

Stephen Easton argues that the cultivation and production of marijuana in British Columbia highlights the problems inherent in enforcing laws that are generally ignored by broad sectors of the populace.

Policing Alberta: An Analysis of the Alternatives to the Federal Provision of Policing Services

Cooper and Koop begin their paper by identifying four distinctive types of police services provided in Alberta those offered by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), municipal policing, First Nations policing, and regional policing (which has been a legal option under the Alberta Police Act since 1988). Cooper and Koop undertake an historical overview of policing in Alberta vis-à-vis the introduction and dissolution of the federal police in Alberta, setting the stage for the rest of their analyses.