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Legitimacy on Trial: A Process for Appointing Judges to the Supreme Court of Canada

In this paper Ian Peach examines the process currently used for the appointment of Supreme Court Judges in Canada and compares it to the processes used by other industrialized nations. He argues for a change to the appointment process and suggests a model to this end.

Notes Towards a (Re)definition of the “Secular”

Iain T. Benson suggests that the term “secular” has received little analysis in any judgement by the Canadian courts. The author examines the meaning of “secular” in relation to the nature of human acts as based on faith, and also explores some contextual concerns.

The Future of Marriage in Canada: Is It Time to Consider “Civil Unions”?

Iain T. Benson suggests that while the status of same-sex marriage is almost resolved in Canada, what has not been discussed is whether the government can use “marriage” as a category to determine benefits.

The Role of the Family in Democracy: Obstacle or Necessity?

Recently, the terms “family” and “family values” have become the focus of great concern on the political stage. However, David Brown says the debate about family is always important.