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Assessing the Viability of an Ethanol Industry in Saskatchewan

This paper explores five key questions that require attention in the determination of the viability of an ethanol industry for a small jurisdiction with a small local ethanol demand.

Electricity Restructuring: Securing Clean Power

Securing Clean Power is part of the Conference Board of Canada’s Electricity Restructuring series. In this paper, Down ask whether liberalized electricity markets inevitably lead to poorer environmental performance. To answer this question, they examine the impact of electricity restructuring on the environment, as well as the implications of restructuring for environmental policy in the United States, Great Britain and Canada.

Outcomes from the Stakeholder Session: The Citizens’ Forums on Personal Transportation, Energy Efficiency and Environmental Impacts

Starting with a basic assumption – that increased prices and demand for gasoline will lead to consumer demand for ways to reduce consumption and increase efficiency – the Public Policy Forum convened regional discussions with the Canadian driving public. These five Citizens’ Forums considered issues of fuel costs, conservation, energy efficiency, and the environmental impacts of driving, aiming to educate participants on options available to them.

Pelletized Biofuels - An Opportunity for Manitoba: Clean Green Heat from Grass Biofuel Pellets

This report argues that volatile energy markets, concerns over energy security, and international agreements to reduce greenhouse gas emissions have created unique opportunities for biofuel development.

Responsible Action – Citizens’ Dialogue on the Long-term Management of Used

This paper represents the results of a Citizens’ Dialogue, undertaken by the CPRN to determine how citizens think nuclear fuel should be managed. The Dialogue took place in early 2004, with 462 Canadians participating. Dialogue participants were presented with four scenarios, each representing a plausible view that could be held by a segment of society. They could then choose one scenario, use elements of more than one, or identify their own new ideas. From the responses, the authors were able to determine citizens’ ‘guiding values’ with respect to managing used nuclear fuel.

Selling the Family Silver: Oil and Gas Royalties, Corporate Profits, and the Disregarded Public

In this paper John W. Warnock explores the development of oil and gas sector, both in Canada and globally, and the geopolitics of oil. Specifically, the author discusses the environmental costs and the fiscal and royalty structures for economic rents to the public that owns the resource.