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Will We Rise to the Challenge? Eight Mega Issues Facing Canada popular

This briefing tracks eight key trends that are having a major impact on Canada’s business and public policy environment. Charles Barrett and Anne Golden point to the global economy and the consequences of competition from developing countries. They examine Canada’s relationship with the United States and the competing priorities of defence and trade. They also look at the need for investment in human capital and innovation for Canada to compete on the global stage, as well as the importance of addressing climate change and environmental issues.

Balancing Act: Water Conservation and Economic Growth

Despite being a relatively water-rich country, Canada’s water resources are not infinite and are not evenly distributed. Karen Wilkie points out that some regions, like southern Alberta, are reaching the limits of local water supply. She focuses on Alberta, where periods of recent drought, rapid population growth, and an expanding economy thirsty for water are adding to the Province’s water shortages.

Drop by Drop: Urban Water Conservation Practices in Western Canada

This report seeks to raise awareness and understanding about urban water issues. The authors adopt an urban focus because eight out of 10 westerners live in urban areas, and municipal governments are key players in the delivery and treatment of water.

Environmental Indicators (Sixth Edition)

In this paper, Brown, examine what they view as a disconnect between the perceptions of Canadian students about environmental trends and the reality of the situation.

Navigating the Shoals: Assessing Water Governance and Management in Canada

In this report, Jason Churchill, Greg Hoover, Al Howatson, and John Roberts assess the current institutions and incentives that govern Canada’s water management policy.

On Tap: Urban Water Issues in Canada

In this study, McFarlane and Nilsen explore urban water management issues facing Western Canada’s large cities; they provide an overview of Canadian water policy issues generally and urban water policy issues in particular.

The Transboundary Water Resources of Canada and the United States

This report considers the impact shared freshwater resources have had on the U.S.-Canadian relationship. Strategies for maintaining a positive relationship and preserving water resources are considered.

Water and Wastewater Treatment in Canada: Tapping into Private-Sector Capital, Expertise, and Efficiencies

In this report, Elizabeth Brubaker argues that Canada’s wastewater treatment facilities need the private sector in order to protect the nation’s water supply and the health of Canadians.