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Capital Punishment?

Allan Evans discusses the need to create a more favorable investment environment in Saskatchewan.

Economic Freedom of North America: 2005 Annual Report

The basic premise of this report by Amela Karabegović and Fred McMahon is that economic freedom is the most successful driver of economic growth and prosperity. Accordingly, the authors begin by explaining that provinces and states that do not encourage economic freedom though their policies are hindering prosperity within their borders.

Effective Tax Rates and the Formation of Manufacturing Enterprises in Canada

In this publication Eugene Beaulieu, Kenneth J. McKenzie, Jimmy Stephane Vu & Jean-Francois Wen attempt to take a broader look at taxes levied on businesses, and how the overall tax burden can adversely affect business.

Property Taxes on Business and Industrial Property in British Columbia

Robert L. Bish discusses the impact that property taxes can have on the number of new businesses that invest in a particular geographic area, as well as the success rate of those already situated in the jurisdiction.

The 2005 Tax Competitiveness Report: Unleashing the Canadian Tiger

Jack Mintz, Duanjie Chen, Yvan Guillemette and Finn Poschmann discuss the tax scheme in Canada and argue that it is ineffective in encouraging savings and attracting capital investment. The report breaks down tax system in each province and ranks them in terms of the investment environment they create. The authors point out that Canada has the second highest effective tax rate on capital among 36 industrial and leading development countries. Mintz, Chen, Guillemette and Poschmann that only through addressing these issues can Canada achieve better economic growth.

The Social Benefits and Economic Costs of Taxation: A Comparison of High and Low-Tax Countries

Brooks and Hwong, cognizant of the tax-cut focus of the federal Conservative Party in Canada, attempt to determine whether countries with high taxes are more successful in achieving social objectives than low-tax countries.