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A Patients’ Bill of Rights: A Cure for Canadians’ Concerns About Medicare?

This article by Colleen Flood and Tracey Epps explores the prospect of a patient’s “bill of rights” as a means of addressing some of the issues and concerns associated with health care in Canada, and also as a potential means of surpassing the limitations of current appeal procedures.

Accountability in Health Care and Legal Approaches

In this paper, Ries and Caulfield address the growing interest, both on the part of governments and individuals, in using legal mechanisms to define rights and obligations with respect to health care.

Getting Better Health Care: Lessons from (and for) Canada

This paper attempts to examine the nature of Canada’s health care system to determine what lessons have been learned and assess forward movement in the debate over health care reform.

The Charter and Health Care: Guaranteeing Timely Access to Health Care for All Canadians

This article authored by Stanley H. Hartt and Patrick Monahan analyzes the Canada Health Act in relation to the systemic delays Canadians face in order to access medical services. Hartt and Monahan do not believe that the Constitution guarantees “a generalized right to purchase medical services privately”. They do, however, argue that the government acts unlawfully when prohibiting Canadians from accessing private health care in instances where the public system is unable to offer health care in a timely fashion.