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A Guide to the Benefits, Responsibilities and Opportunities of Embryonic Stem Cell Research

This paper was authored by the British North America Committee (BNAC), a group of leaders from business, labour, and academia in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada. In Canada, the BNAC is sponsored by the C.D. Howe Institute.

From Discovery to Market: Creating a Multi-Stakeholder Partnership in Support of Canada’s Innovative Health Industries

In this Conference Report Geneviève Lépine and Graham Fox describe a conference held in late April 2005 in Quebec by the Public Policy Forum. The conference focused on the need to create a multi-stakeholder partnership in support of Canada’s innovative health industries. In this regard, the report defines the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries, biotechnology, medical device development, and health information and communication technology as innovative industries.

Is BC’s Health Care System Sustainable? A Closer Look at the Costs of Aging and Technology

This paper, by Marc Lee, delves into the real costs involved in the health care system in British Columbia, and whether an aging population is the key factor contributing to its sustainability issues.