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From Rhetoric to Reality: Protecting Whistleblowers in Alberta

According to Keith Archer, there is widespread agreement regarding the need to protect whistleblowers, however several issues must be resolved in the design of whistleblowing legislation in Alberta.

A Civil Argument About Dignity, Beliefs and Marriage

Ian T. Benson wrote this brief regarding the Civil Marriage Act (Bill C-38). Benson argues that the central problem with the marriage debate is that the fundamental starting points of both sides are irreconcilable.

The Difficulty in Establishing Privacy Rights in the Face of Public Policy from Nowhere

This paper examines two enactments of public policy in practice, the Saskatchewan Automobile Injury Appeal Commission’s (AIAC) posting of sensitive personal information on the Internet and the government (Saskatchewan and Alberta) sale of personal motor vehicle registration (MVR) information.

The Future of Marriage in Canada: Is It Time to Consider “Civil Unions”?

Iain T. Benson suggests that while the status of same-sex marriage is almost resolved in Canada, what has not been discussed is whether the government can use “marriage” as a category to determine benefits.

The Role of the Family in Democracy: Obstacle or Necessity?

Recently, the terms “family” and “family values” have become the focus of great concern on the political stage. However, David Brown says the debate about family is always important.