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Between Policy and Practice: Navigating CIDA's Democracy Agenda

The promotion of democracy overseas has gradually emerged in Canadian foreign policy over the past twenty years, now occupying an uncertain position within a broader development agenda.

Course Correction: Advice on Canada’s Future Foreign Policy

This report was submitted to the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (as it existed at the time of this paper’s writing); it is centred on discussions stemming from the Consultative Forum on Canada’s Role in the World, held in April 2003. The forum was organized by the Conference Board of Canada, and included participants from Canada’s business community. The main argument of this submission is simply that the prosperity pillar remains critical to Canada’s foreign policy.

Economic Transformation North of 60°

Roxanne Ali’s report follows from a Public Policy Forum conference in December 2006 on the promises and policy challenges of northern development.

Romanticism and Realism in Canada’s Foreign Policy

This lecture, delivered by former Canadian Ambassador to the United States Allan Gotlieb, presents a review of Canada’s past foreign policy while drawing a picture of how the nation can best pursue its interests abroad. Gotlieb’s key point is that Canada’s postwar foreign policy has shifted uneasily, and often to the country’s detriment, between realism and romanticism. He argues that romanticism does not serve the nation well when it fails to promote Canada’s practical interests.

The Importance of Being Less Earnest: Promoting Canada's National Interests through Tighter Ties with the U.S.

In this paper, which was presented at C.D. Howe’s Benefactor’s Lecture, Jack Granatstein provides a historical review of Canada’s foreign policy and its evolution, arriving at the conclusion that Canadian policy may be misdirected. He posits that Canada’s approach is based on the promotion of key principles and values, but that this approach fails to take seriously the pursuit of its national interests.

The Role of International Democracy Promotion in Canada's Foreign Policy

In this report, Gerald Schmitz examines the important, though still modest, role that Canada has played in supporting democratic development abroad, and suggests some directions it might take in the future.

Towards open skies for airlines in Canada

According to Pierre J. Jeanniot, the Canadian government is considering greater liberalization in the country’s airline industry in line with the current international trend toward open markets in aviation.