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Africa Shortchanged: The Global Fund and G8 Agenda

Marc Lee’s article Africa Shortchanged: The Global Fund and G8 Agenda precedes the expected unveiling of a plan for African development at the 2002 G8 leaders meeting. Lee argues it is far from clear that Africa needs a new plan for development. Instead, he asserts, the G8 leaders should commit to fighting preventable diseases through the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

Between Policy and Practice: Navigating CIDA's Democracy Agenda

The promotion of democracy overseas has gradually emerged in Canadian foreign policy over the past twenty years, now occupying an uncertain position within a broader development agenda.

Democracy and Economic Development

David Gillies identifies one of the reasons cited for promoting democracy abroad: the claim that accountable and open political systems, those that respect human rights, practice the rule of law, and formulate policy through informed choice, are more likely to develop into dynamic economies. Gillies posits, however, that the relationships involving political system, policy choice, and economic performance are far more complex than the claims of many who promote democracy.

Hard Choices, Good Causes: Exploring Options for Canada’s Overseas Democracy Assistance

In this edition of Policy Matters, Lisa McIntosh Sundstrom examines countries that promote democracy abroad and also maintain democracy assistance budgets. Specifically, she looks at the activities of the United States and the United Kingdom (as the two largest donors in the world), as well as the Netherlands and Germany (two countries with budget allocations similar to those of Canada). Sundstrom considers the experiences of these countries, as well as their approaches, and compares/contrasts them to the Canadian strategy.

Towards open skies for airlines in Canada

According to Pierre J. Jeanniot, the Canadian government is considering greater liberalization in the country’s airline industry in line with the current international trend toward open markets in aviation.

Zero Foreign Aid? Policy Implications for Donor and Recipient Countries

What will happen to aid-recipient countries if a policy of zero aid is implemented today? The latest debate on foreign aid focuses on the view that most of the problems of the poorest countries will be solved if enough aid is provided.