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How Canada Wins from Global Services Outsourcing

In this report, Danielle Goldfarb argues that Canada’s decision-makers should not fear the global outsourcing of service functions, nor should they try to discourage it. Goldfarb explains that global services outsourcing is commonly understood as the practice of companies sending service functions abroad, where they might be performed more efficiently. As she points out, this is a topic of heated debate – particularly in the context of domestic job losses. Goldfarb suggests, however, that Canada actually benefits from two-way global trade in service components.

Revisiting NAFTA: Still Not Working for North America’s Workers

NAFTA’s agenda, according to Scott, Salas, Campbell, and Faux, was to promote an integrated continental economy and the rules to govern it. As such, it was focused upon the business elite, “excluding the ordinary people in all three societies.”