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Home Policy Articles: Military & Defence: North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)



A National Security Framework for Canada

This article by W.D. Macnamara and Ann Fitz-Gerald examines Canada’s strategy regarding national security and what, in the authors view, is a lack of any framework to link this strategy with defence policy.

Canada and Military Coalitions: Where, How and with Whom?

This article by Douglas Bland examines not whether Canada should continue participating in coalitions (which Bland considers a given), but “whether Canada has the political will and the means to influence the shape and operating expectations of established and emerging coalitions to best benefit Canada’s national interests.”

Multinational Land Force Interoperability: Meeting the Challenge of Different Cultural Backgrounds in Chapter VI Peace Support Operations

This article by Ann Fitz-Gerald analyzes the interoperability of forces of different nationalities in multinational forces of the UN, NATO and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

Sailing in Concert: The Politics and Strategy of Canada-US Naval Interoperability

This article by Joel Sokolsky examines the concept of interoperability but with a specific focus on the role of the Canadian Navy.

The Canadian Forces and the Doctrine of Interoperability: The Issues

This article by Danford Middlemiss and Denis Stairs explores the Canada-US defence relationship in light of calls for greater cooperation and interoperability following the events of September 11, 2001 and other recent catalysts, including developments leading to the war in Afghanistan.