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A Friendly Agreement in Advance: Canada-US Defense Relations Past, Present, and Future popular

The author of this article, J.L. Granatstein, argues that Canada has no choice but to support the United States in an expanded anti-terrorism war, as well as in a National Missile Defense (NMD) scheme proposed by the Bush Administration. Granatstein explains that the two countries have been linked in defense for over 60 years, and that, as such, Canada’s refusal to participate in joint defence programs would inevitably carry real costs. Considering that the US will defend itself regardless of Canada’s position, Granatstein asserts that Canada must participate in defence programs – if only to protect its sovereignty. Granatstein suggests that by participating, Canada can maintain its seat at the defence table, which should, in turn, strengthen Canada’s bargaining position on trade issues.

A Vigilant Parliament: Building Competence for Effective Parliamentary Oversight of National Defence popular

Douglas L. Bland and Roy Rempel express grave concerns over the lack of interest the Canada�s Parliament has shown in defence policy and foreign affairs since the post-Cold War era began.

Canada's Military Posture: An Analysis of Recent Civilian Reports popular

This Critical Issues Bulletin addresses the authors� view that the Canadian Forces have declined in the last decade, and the reasons they cite for its decay.

Canadian Naval Future: A Necessary Long-Term Planning Framework

In this unrefereed working paper, Peter T. Haydon calls for an updated Canadian naval strategy.

Force Structure or Forced Structure? The 1994 White Paper on Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces in the 1990s.

In this article Sean M. Maloney cites, in his view, the need for a new Canadian defence policy. He also explores the restructuring that such an overhaul of the system would entail.

Realism Canadian Style: National Security Policy and the Chretien Legacy

In this Policy Matters paper, Joel Sokolsky considers Jean Chr�tien's decision to keep Canada out of the US-led war in Iraq and how this positioning fit vis-�-vis previous dealings with the US in the area of security policy.

The Need for Canadian Strategic Lift

In this brief paper Ray Szeto and Barry Cooper explore the importance of strategic lift capacity of the Canadian Forces (CF). The authors contend that because Canada is isolated from most trouble spots on the globe and does not have bases in other countries, it requires the ability to transport goods and personnel to theatres overseas. The authors further illustrate the need for strategic lift capability by examining military deployments abroad that clearly require lift capabilities. Szeto and Cooper look specifically at both airlift and sealift capacity and needs.

Towards open skies for airlines in Canada

According to Pierre J. Jeanniot, the Canadian government is considering greater liberalization in the country’s airline industry in line with the current international trend toward open markets in aviation.