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Bank Mergers: Why We Need Them, How to Get Them

In this backgrounder David Bond argues that the financial services sector, especially banks, is so central to our lives and well-being that any breakdown in its operation can have severe ripple effects on the entire economy. He suggests, however, that for most of Canada’s history, the financial services sector has been largely at the disposal of governments, which have been intent to use the sector to meet special interest demands.

Fringe Banking in Winnipeg’s North End

This study, by Buckland and Martin, explores why fringe banks in Winnipeg’s north end are growing, when they charge higher fees for services that do mainstream banks. They focus on why clients use these services, and whether fringe banks earn excessive profits. The authors present contrasting views on the legitimacy of fringe banks and outline results from recent studies on fringe banking in Canada and the US.

The Canadian Financial Services Industry: The Year in Review

This briefing summarizes the 2002-03 edition of The Canadian Financial Services Industry: The Year in Review. This publication reviews major developments in both the financial services sector and its policy environment, in Canada and abroad; it focuses specifically on legislation designed to restore investor confidence in corporate governance and financial markets.