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Financing Canadian Innovation: Why Canada Should End Roadblocks to Foreign Private Equity

In this article, Stephen A. Hurwitz and Louis J. Marett attempt to answer the question: why do promising Canadian ventures attract only one-third of the capital of their US competitors in the North American marketplace?

Financing Entrepreneurs. Better Canadian Policy for Venture Capital

Douglas Cumming asserts that the development and maintenance of a strong economy depends, in great part, on innovation and the role of entrepreneurs.

Found Money: Matching Canadians’ Savings with Their Infrastructure Needs

William B.P. Robson argues that Canada’s need for investment in infrastructure to meet the demands of growth and aging developments can be met by using the savings of private Canadians.

Give Canadian Workers the Tools to do the Job! Why Canada Needs More Robust Capital Investment

Robin Banerjee and William B.P. Robson argue that Canada’s capital investment is lagging behind other OECD countries.

Improving Canada's Business Environment and Competitiveness

This report follows a discussion of the Government of Canada (GoC) document Advantage Canada: Building a Strong Economy for Canadians, which accompanied the November 2006 fiscal update.

Institutional Investor Activism and Market Confidence: A Greater Role for Public Policy?

Institutional investors play a key role in establishing and maintaining confidence in Canada’s financial markets, and increasingly use their ownership positions to raise corporate governance standards. Averill, Hebb and Lopes argue that institutional investors are able to provide the market-based oversight of Canadian corporations that will help to increase accountability and transparency, both vital to a well-functioning financial system.

Olympic Costs and Benefits

Shaffer, Greer and Mauboules argue that neither the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Bid Committee nor any of its member partners (Vancouver, Whistler, the provincial or federal governments) has undertaken a systematic economic evaluation of the costs and benefits of the investments and other commitments required to hold the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games.