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Future Taxes on Pension Savings as a Government Asset

In this article Jenna Robbins and Michael R. Veall attempt to evaluate the revenues the Canadian government can expect to gain as a result of investors choosing to withdraw funds from their Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs) and Registered Pension Plans (RPPs). The authors point out that much of the debate about fiscal policy is framed by the debt, and too little attention given to rising assets. To “the asset side,” Veall and Robbins add what they estimate is around $200 billion of RRSP and RPP accumulations, which are rarely accounted for (as of 1999).

Making It Pay to Work: Improving the Work Incentives in Canada's Public Pension System

Kevin Milligan discusses the negative impact the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) is having on the age of retirement. Milligan explains that GIS reduces its benefit by 50 cents for every dollar of outside income, creating a clawbacks effect for those who are collecting from the Canadian Pension Plan (CPP) or Quebec Pension Plan (QPP). This has the effect of encouraging workers to retire earlier. Milligan offers a number of options for correcting this problem.

Money on the Line: Workers' Capital in Canada

This publication, edited by Isla Carmichael and Jack Quarter, focuses on social investment – namely, the funds that have union sponsorship, and more specifically, union-based pension funds and labour-sponsored investment funds.

Occupational Pension Plans in Canada: Trends in Coverage and the Incomes of Seniors

Occupational pension plans – also called employer-sponsored, workplace, or registered pension plans – are crucial to Canadian seniors’ income security, contends author Edward Tamagno.

Saving the Future: Restoring Fairness to the Taxation of Savings

This article by Jack M. Mintz and Thomas A. Wilson offers a plethora of suggestions meant to improve the Canadian retirement tax system, which they believe is outdated. Accordingly, they suggest some of the steps that should be taken include: raising the maximum annual Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) contributions allowance, and indexing RRSP contributions to inflation; giving all citizens access to the averaging of income over lifetimes; a change in the allowable age ceiling for RRSP contributions; a raise in annual percentage limits; and the ability to split Registered Retirement Plans (RRPs) between spouses.

Sustaining Public Pensions in Canada: A Tale of Two Reforms

In this paper Ken Battle analyzes and explains two pension reform projects, the Seniors Befit proposal and the Canadian Pension Plan financing proposal, the latter of which was adopted.

The Fiscal Burden of the Young and the Elderly

Population aging, resulting from the low fertility rates of the past forty years, has become a major concern of the policy makers in many industrialized countries. It is deemed to affect the economic growth, the long-term viability of both private and public pension plans and the sustainability of the existing fiscal structures.

The Management and Regulation of Occupational Pension Plans in Canada

In this study Edward Tamagno examines how occupational pension plans in Canada are managed.