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Who Decides? Government in the New Millennium popular

This is a book-length publication, edited by Richard M. Bird, which contains six articles relating to public governance. Bird argues it is critical for Canadians to understand how different political institutions can affect policy; accordingly, these essays explore a number of different political institutions and processes. As Bird points out, people care about results, not just the process of getting to results. Political institutions and processes, however, have a major impact on the behaviour of politicians and the outcome that results from their conduct.

Challenges in Senate Reform: Conflicts of Interest, Unintended Consequences, New Possibilities

Gordon Gibson argues that Senate reform is neither a necessary nor sufficient answer to the problems of governance Canada faces.

Fixing Canadian Democracy

The idea for this book came from a Fraser Institute conference on democratic reform in 2001, as well as the openness of the British Columbia government to explore these topics (such as the creation of the Citizen’s Assembly on Electoral Reform).

Information Management to Support Evidence-Based Governance in the Electronic Age

As Andrew Lipchak, author of the Public Policy Forum case study Information Management to Support Evidence-Based Governance in the Electronic Age, sees it, technology is changing the nature of governance. As the potential for greater citizen engagement increases thanks to an evolution in government information systems, Lipchak believes it will be necessary to develop effective strategies, tools, and techniques to manage the new relationship. Accordingly, the purpose of this case study is to promote this growing link between citizens and governance while identifying key issues to improve government information management and record-keeping programs.

Parliamentary Reform: Implications for stakeholders of an enhanced role for Members of Parliament in shaping and approving legislation

This brief report provides a summary of proceedings of a joint roundtable held by the Public Policy Forum and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce to discuss key implications for stakeholders vis-à-vis possible approaches to Parliamentary reform.

Rebalanced and Revitalized – A Canada Strong and Free

In this substantive report, former Ontario Premier Mike Harris and former Reform Party leader Preston Manning examine the “democratic deficit” present in Canada today.

The Financial Capability Model and the Records Management Function: An Assessment, A Research Paper in Support of the Public Policy Forum Discussion P

In The Financial Capability Model and the Records Management Function, John McDonald examines the relationship between governance and information management. The basis of McDonald’s report is the premise that quality record-keeping and information management enables good governance by ensuring both accountability and informed decision-making. The problem arises, as McDonald sees it, in the struggle to ensure that records management policies remain relevant in the growing electronic information age.

The Role of Subnational Governments in the Governance of North America

This brief report serves as the introduction to Mapping the New North American Reality, a series of brief articles written by Canadian, American, and Mexican policy experts exploring the nature of North American economic integration.

Trouble in Paradise? Citizen's Views on Democracy in Alberta

In this report, Trevor Harrison, William Johnston, and Harvey Krahn explore Albertans’ attitudes regarding the state of democracy in the province.

Where Does the Buck Stop? Accounting and Joint Initiatives

In this discussion paper, Graham Fox and Don Lenihan delve into the issue of government accountability in Canadian policy-making.