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A Short Path to Revitalized Federalism

In this brief paper, Tom Kent argues that an elected Senate is an urgent need, too important to remain unrealized because federal and provincial politicians cannot agree on the constitutional issues required for full reform.

Caring for Canadians in a Canada Strong and Free

Former Ontario Premier Mike Harris and former Reform Party leader Preston Manning discuss the “vision deficit” and “policy deficit” they consider to be evident in Canadian politics, particularly at the federal level.

Challenges in Senate Reform: Conflicts of Interest, Unintended Consequences, New Possibilities

Gordon Gibson argues that Senate reform is neither a necessary nor sufficient answer to the problems of governance Canada faces.

Fixing Canadian Democracy

The idea for this book came from a Fraser Institute conference on democratic reform in 2001, as well as the openness of the British Columbia government to explore these topics (such as the creation of the Citizen’s Assembly on Electoral Reform).

Rebalanced and Revitalized – A Canada Strong and Free

In this substantive report, former Ontario Premier Mike Harris and former Reform Party leader Preston Manning examine the “democratic deficit” present in Canada today.

Rethinking Political Parties: Discussion Paper

In an age of democratic renewal, Graham Fox argues that one of the key actors overlooked has been the political party.

The Council of the Federation: Conflict and Complimentarity with Canada’s Democratic Reform Agenda

This brief report is part of a series published by the IRPP and the Institute of Intergovernmental Relations, called the Council of the Federation Series. The Council of the Federation was created in July 2003 by the provincial premiers and territorial leaders to better manage their relations, and ultimately, build a more constructive relationship with the federal government. This series of brief reports is meant to encourage wider knowledge and discussion of the Council, and to provoke further thought about the general state of intergovernmental relations in Canada.

The West and the Liberal government at the beginning of the new mandate: the need to work together

Canada is so vast and diverse that our knowledge of it is always limited. Instead of being a disadvantage, it gives us many advantages, such as the realization that Canadians need to learn a lot about their country, that it is by listening to one another that we learn, and that our viewpoints on one another could be useful for us all.

Towards open skies for airlines in Canada

According to Pierre J. Jeanniot, the Canadian government is considering greater liberalization in the country’s airline industry in line with the current international trend toward open markets in aviation.

Trouble in Paradise? Citizen's Views on Democracy in Alberta

In this report, Trevor Harrison, William Johnston, and Harvey Krahn explore Albertans’ attitudes regarding the state of democracy in the province.

Youth Action Now – From Dreams to Reality

In this community story Anne Makhoul describes Youth Action Now, a two-year project based in Saskatchewan.