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Accounting for Gomery: The Money Links Between the Federal Government, Political Parties and Private Interests

This Digital Publication by Mark Mullins takes a new look at the Gomery inquiry and the deeper financial realities it revealed. To begin, Mullins states that the amounts of money and number of people involved in the sponsorship scandal are larger than previously known. Specifically, he cites 565 organizations and individuals this study found to be involved, compared to only 71 organizations originally cited in the 2003 Auditor General’s Report.

From Rhetoric to Reality: Protecting Whistleblowers in Alberta

In this report Keith Archer discusses the act of whistleblwing and the many challenge that are involved with trying to protect whistleblowers. He explains that whistleblowing is generally used o refer to the disclosure of information which may be harmful to the public's interest. However this action raises concerns over employee loyalty, a need for anonymity, and the comprehensiveness of whistleblower protection. Archer then considers a number of whistleblowing regimes including ones in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. Archer then focuses on Alberta's need for a whistleblower protection strategy.

Government Failure in Canada, 1997-2004: A Survey of Reports from the Auditor General

In this report, Clemens, Mullins, Veldhuis, and Glover argue that more public debate is required to address government limitations and failures. They argue that the reports of the Auditor General of Canada provide concrete evidence of the existence of government failure in Canada.

Members of Parliament and Government Relations Representatives: Defining a New Relationship

The Public Policy Forum has published Defining a New Relationship in an effort to determine how public institutions can adapt and become more transparent and accountable in the face of declining public trust. The report summarizes a series of interviews and a roundtable discussion conducted with Members of Parliament (MPs) and government relations representatives (GRs) in order to develop an understanding of the role the two groups play in policy development. The report concludes that while the relationship between the two is often positive, problems do exist that undermine the common ground that MPs and GRs share.

The Ethical Recruitment of Internationally Trained Health Professionals: Lessons from Abroad and Options for Canada

Tom McIntosh, Renée Togerson, and Nathan Klassen discuss the ethical dilemma surrounding the recruitment of internationally educated health professionals (IEHPs) from developing countries to fill the gaps they perceive in Canada’s health care system.