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Coordinating Interdependence: Governance and Social Policy Redesign in Britain, the European Union, and Canada

In this paper, Gertler directly addresses the three questions included in the title. She argues that we should support the development of creative cities because they play an ever more important role in enhancing the dynamism, resilience, and overall competitiveness of our national economy.

Evaluation Framework for Federal Investment in the Social Economy: A Discussion Paper

This discussion paper presents a Results-Based Accountability Framework for the Social Economy Pilot Initiatives announced in the 2004 federal budget.

The State of Public Services in Manitoba - 2004

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) examines the state of public services in Manitoba in 2004. According to the CCPA, in 2004, Manitoba’s economy looks relatively healthy; therefore, it is not surprising that government officials and others are complacent about dealing with Manitobans’ many social needs.

Towards a New Architecture for Canada's Adult Benefits

The Caledon Institute of Social Policy was created in 1992. One of its primary objectives is to modernize Canada’s social security system. It has proposed changes both to individual programs and to the very structure and function of social policy.