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Home Policy Articles: Public Administration: Page 5

Modern governments have increasingly come to play an important role in managing society, and rely on large public services to steer social and economic policies. This begs many questions. What ought to be the role of the public service in society? What are the best approaches to management of public affairs? How is public administration in Canada evolving?

This section of provides valuable insight on these and many other questions concerning public administration.



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Unaccountable: The Case of Highway Maintenance Privatization in Alberta

In 1995-96, the Government of Alberta decided to outsource all the maintenance on its 15,000 kilometres of primary highways to primary contractors. Since then, neither the provincial government nor any other body has evaluated the current private maintenance program by comparing it with the previous government-run system.

Where Does the Buck Stop? Accounting and Joint Initiatives

In this discussion paper, Graham Fox and Don Lenihan delve into the issue of government accountability in Canadian policy-making.

Youth Action Now – From Dreams to Reality

In this community story Anne Makhoul describes Youth Action Now, a two-year project based in Saskatchewan.

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