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Battling the Beetle: Taking Action to Restore British Columbia's Interior Forests

In this paper Ben Parfitt discusses, in detail, the crisis he believes is looming in the Interior forests of British Columbia.

Down the Value Chain: The Politics and Economics of Raw Log Exports

Dale Marshall’s article Down the Value Chain: The Politics and Economics of Raw Log Exports argues that British Columbia is sacrificing jobs and prosperity by exporting raw logs. Marshall claims that raw log exports represent lost jobs in BC, particularly as lumber mills in forestry-dependent towns suffer closures. Marshall disputes that BC’s milling capacity (the ability of the logging industry to process raw wood into lumber) exceeds its log harvest, arguing that claims to the contrary are not rooted in fact. He concludes with his belief that it is necessary for the BC government to move unilaterally to resolve the issue of raw log exports from BC.

Getting more from Our Forests: Ten Proposals for Building Stability in BC's Forestry Communities

Ben Parfitt writes this report on the BC forestry industry with the hope of reigniting the debate on policy choices previously made.

Mission Possible: A Canadian Resources Strategy for the Boom and Beyond

In this report, Gilles Rheaume and John Roberts argue that Canada is well positioned to benefit from increased demand for resources in the global economy.

Public Forests, Public Returns: A Way Forward for Ontario

Recognizing the troubled state of Ontario’s forest industry and the rather lacklustre response by the Ontario government, Parfitt, attempts to propose solutions to its problems.

Softwood Sellout: How BC Bowed to the US and Got Saddled with the Softwood Lumber Agreement

Parfitt examines the problems with the announced agreement between Canada and the United States on Canadian-developed softwood lumber.

The Forest Communities Program

Many groups compete for the ‘material and spiritual assets’ of Canada’s forests. As Anne Makhoul points out, managing these diverse interests while protecting forest ecology is becoming increasingly sophisticated.

True Partners: Charting a New Deal for BC, First Nations and the Forests We Share

Ben Parfitt analyzes the British Columbia government’s efforts to share provincial revenues and forest resources with First Nations. In his report, Parfitt concludes that although efforts have been made in the wake of various court decisions, the current formula employed by the province is fundamentally flawed.

Wood Waste and Log Exports on the BC Coast

Ben Parfitt argues that the British Columbia forest industry has problems. He examines two troubling trends plaguing the industry: rising log exports and wood waste.

Workforce Profile of the Natural Resources Sector

This Workplace Profile provides and overview of workforce demographics and considers what solutions may be found to deal with human resource retention, skills development and recruitment.