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Culture and Economic Competitiveness:  An Emerging Role for the Arts in Canada

Jason Azmier’s discussion paper Culture and Economic Competitiveness: An Emerging Role for the Arts in Canada, published by the Canada West Foundation, argues that arts and culture are an integral element of quality of life and economic competitiveness for cities.

Roundtable on Philanthropy in the Performing Arts

In September 2002 the National Arts Centre, with the assistance of the Public Policy Forum, convened a roundtable to examine the question of what motivates people to provide philanthropic support for the performing arts. Roundtable participants were asked to consider the following questions: what inspires their giving?; what do they need to know about an organization before donating?; and, how can arts organizations build capacity to attract new donors while retaining the loyalty of current ones? This report summarizes participants’ responses to these questions and provides recommendations for encouraging greater philanthropic support of the arts.