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Aboriginal Peoples and Postsecondary Education in Canada popular

This diagnostic report uses empirical data to provide an accurate picture of how Aboriginal Canadians are faring in post-secondary education (PSE).

Economic Transformation North of 60°

Roxanne Ali’s report follows from a Public Policy Forum conference in December 2006 on the promises and policy challenges of northern development.

Globalization and the North: Impacts of Trade Treaties on Canada's Northern Governments

The book’s introduction and summary are available in PDF format, however the entire book is available only from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA). Noel Schacter, Jim Beebe and Luigi Zanasi argue that Canada’s three northern territories are even more vulnerable than the provinces to the impacts of international trade treaties signed by Canadian federal governments.

Sharing in the Benefits of Resource Developments: A Study of First Nations-Industry Impact Benefits Agreement

In this paper Gordon Shanks analyzes the role of Impact and Benefits Agreements (IBAs) in the resource development process.