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Generic Pharmaceuticals and Sector Development: Industry Chanllenges and Potential Solutions

With the emergence of the global economy, Canada has had to determine a course of action to maintain its production and economic stability.

Ontario Prosperity: Is Best of Second Best Good Enough?

Clemens, Karabegovic and Veldhuis begin their analysis by pointing out that Ontario’s economic performance is quite strong; only Alberta was able to outperform it on a consistent basis. The authors note, however, that when compared to the US states, Ontario’s performance declines significantly. Clemens, Karabegovic and Veldhuis argue that Ontario’s performance, in both income and labour markets, is significantly lower than one would expect, and below the province’s potential.

Pain Without Gain: Shutting Down Coal-Fired Power Plants Would Hurt Ontario

In this paper, McKitrick, Green, and Schwartz argue that closing coal-fired plants in Ontario will imperil industrial development in Ontario, increase energy costs, and reduce the reliability of the electricity supply. This report comes in response to an Ontario government announcement that it will close all coal-fired power plants by 2007. McKitrick, Green, and Schwartz remark that this is an unusual decision, as it comes at a time of rising power consumption, high oil and gas prices, and uncertainty regarding the willingness of the private sector to invest in electricity generation.

Preventing Electrical Shocks

In this report, Faruqui and George comment on the Ontario government’s decision to begin introducing ‘smart meters’ and more economically rational energy pricing in the province. The authors argue that these steps constitute a commendable commitment by the Government, and that the potential success of these measures is supported by evidence from a major electricity pricing experiment in California. Faruqui and George write that the California experiment is also important because it identifies a number of pitfalls that all governments should avoid, in terms of implementation.

Public Forests, Public Returns: A Way Forward for Ontario

Recognizing the troubled state of Ontario’s forest industry and the rather lacklustre response by the Ontario government, Parfitt, attempts to propose solutions to its problems.