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Aboriginal People in Canada's Labour Market: Work and Unemployment, Today and Tomorrow popular

Although Canada has been successful in lowering its national unemployment rate, Michael Mendelson states that for the nation’s Aboriginal peoples unemployment is consistently higher than that of the population in general.

Clusters of Opportunity; Clusters of Risk

In this report, a cluster is defined as “a geographically proximate group of interconnected companies and associated institutions in a particular field, linked by commonalities and complementarities.” Essentially, a cluster is a dense agglomeration of firms. As Munn-Venn and Voyer point out, clusters are commonly perceived to contribute to the superior economic performance of a region.

Economic Transformation North of 60°

Roxanne Ali’s report follows from a Public Policy Forum conference in December 2006 on the promises and policy challenges of northern development.

Fiscal Surplus, Democratic Deficit: Budgeting and Government Finance in Alberta

This paper, authored by the Parkland Institute's Committee on Alberta's Finances, explores the Alberta government’s formal budgeting process.

Ottawa and the West: Reflections on the Western Economic Opportunities Conference of 1973

In October of 2003, the Canada West Foundation hosted a conference to mark the 30th anniversary of the 1973 Western Economic Opportunities Conference (WEOC). In this document, Gibbins and Roach report on that conference, which was designed to assess the WEOC experience and to explore the future engagement of the federal government in the Western Canadian economy.

Selling the Family Silver: Oil and Gas Royalties, Corporate Profits, and the Disregarded Public

Canada is rather unique in that it is a relatively wealthy country in a close dependent relationship with the United States, who consumes the majority of Canada’s production, and whose oil companies dominate Canada’s industry.

Softwood Sellout: How BC Bowed to the US and Got Saddled with the Softwood Lumber Agreement

Parfitt examines the problems with the announced agreement between Canada and the United States on Canadian-developed softwood lumber.

The Business Case for a Backbone CO2 Pipeline in Alberta

Gerry Angevine and Dara Hrytzak-Lieffers examine the need for further CO2 pipelines in the oil sands projects. In particular, they focus on the need for CO2 in “enhanced oil recovery” (EOR) techniques in the central part of Alberta.

Toward an Energy Security Strategy for Canada

In this paper, David Thompson, Gordon Laxer and Diana Gibson provide a suggested energy security strategy and guiding principles. The authors consider it a “made in Alberta” initiative in partnership with Canadians from energy producing and energy consuming regions.

Value for Money? Cautionary Lessons about P3s from British Columbia

This paper examines the rise of public-private partnerships (P3s) in British Columbia, whereby a private group overtakes the development and operation of a public project (examples include hospitals and bridges).