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Canada and the liberalization of air transport markets over the Atlantic

Jeanniot considers liberalization of the air market advantageous and wonders why such timid steps are being taken. He suggests that Canada should take the lead and act more significantly in liberalizing the air transport markets over the Atlantic.

Charting a Course: The Cruise Industry, the Government of Canada, and Purposeful Development

According to Ross Klein, port cities overestimate the value of cruise tourism and underestimate the costs. Expectations for a continuing boom in the growth of cruise tourism in Canada may not be realistic, Klein contends, and future port city expenditures should give full consideration to all potential risks and benefits.

Cruising - Out of Control: The Cruise Industry, The Environment, Workers, and the Maritimes

Ross Klein looks at the cruise ship industry in the Maritimes. Although there has been a focus on attracting cruise ship visits, he suggests very little attention has been given to the costs associated with these visits. Klein begins with an overview of the cruise industry and its place in the Maritimes, and proceeds to discuss issues relevant to local concerns.

How to make the Canadian airline industry more competitive

Air transport is no longer considered a luxury. More Canadians are traveling by air and more goods from foreign trade are being transported by airplane. In this economic note St├ęphanie Giaume, in collaboration with Martin Masse, discusses the negative impact of the heavy tax burden.

Playing off the Ports: BC and the Cruise Tourism Industry

In this report Ross Klein discusses the BC cruise tourism industry and suggests policies that would allow it to benefit more BC coastal communities.