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Aboriginal People in Canada's Labour Market: Work and Unemployment, Today and Tomorrow popular

Although Canada has been successful in lowering its national unemployment rate, Michael Mendelson states that for the nation’s Aboriginal peoples unemployment is consistently higher than that of the population in general.

Aboriginal Peoples and Postsecondary Education in Canada popular

This diagnostic report uses empirical data to provide an accurate picture of how Aboriginal Canadians are faring in post-secondary education (PSE).

A Conceptual Comparative Analysis Between the British and Canadian Mad Cow Crisis: The Cost of Living

This paper compares and contrasts the ways in which the BSE crisis affected Britain in 1996 and Canada in 2003.

An (In)Auspicious Gathering: The Western Economic Opportunities Conference of 1973

As Robert Roach argues, the WEOC was a milestone in the evolution of Western Canada’s relationship with the federal government. In this report, he outlines the WEOC proceedings in detail.

Asking for Trouble: The Trade, Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement

Ellen Gould’s report argues against the implementation of the Trade, Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement (TILMA) between the governments of BC and Alberta.

Beyond Our Borders: Western Canadian Exports in the Global Market

Beyond Our Borders: Western Canadian Exports in the Global Market, by Robert Roach, of the Canada West Foundation, examines the role of international exports and foreign demand in Western Canada’s economy.

Big City Revenue Sources: A Canada-U.S. Comparison of Municipal Tax Tools and Revenue Levers

Big City Revenue Sources: A Canada-U.S. Comparison of Municipal Tax Tools and Revenue Levers, by Casey Vander Ploeg of the Canada West Foundation, contributes to the debate over the fiscal squeeze facing Canadian cities by exploring the tax tools and revenue levers available to Canadian cities and comparing these to tools and levers available to American cities.

Building a Stronger Canada: Taking Action on Western Discontent

This report is an update of the Canada West Project entitled The West in Canada. This project began in September 2003 with the report called The West in Canada: An Action Plan to Address Western Discontent. According to Roger Gibbins and Robert Roach, the first report reflected a deep-seated belief among Western Canadians that the Government of Canada doesn’t listen to, understand, or care about their interests and aspirations.

Building the West for the 21st Century: A Conference on Economic Transformation in Western Canada

In response to the new Canadian environment where regionalism and regional issues often take centre stage in the federation, the Public Policy Forum decided to host a conference to examine the unique issues and needs created by economic transformation in Western Canada. The purpose of this conference was to identify ways to ensure the continued prosperity of the West and to improve the ability of the Canadian federal system to respond to regional pressures.

Changes in the Prairie Economy, 1980 to 2000: With Emphasis on Agriculture and

A review of the changes in the structure of the economy of Prairie Canada clearly shows that the region is no longer dominated by the export of regulated grains. Indeed, agriculture itself has shifted away from producing regulated export grains, choosing to grow and adopt production and marketing practices that can yield higher returns to farmers.

Cities at the Crossroads: Addressing Intergovernmental Structures for Western Canada's Cities

Cities at the Crossroads: Addressing Intergovernmental Structures for Western Canada's Cities, published by the Canada West Foundation, examines what author Denis Wong contends is an increasing demand for mechanisms enabling the three levels of government to work together for vibrant cities.

Common Ground: The Case for Interprovincial Cooperation in Western Canada

Robert Roach argues that, although not homogeneous, the four Western provinces are interdependent, and that all stand to benefit by increasing the degree to which they cooperate with one another. He points out that, unlike the relatively large number of people concentrated in Ontario or Quebec, Westerners are dispersed among four separate political units.

Culture and Economic Competitiveness:  An Emerging Role for the Arts in Canada

Jason Azmier’s discussion paper Culture and Economic Competitiveness: An Emerging Role for the Arts in Canada, published by the Canada West Foundation, argues that arts and culture are an integral element of quality of life and economic competitiveness for cities.

Framing a Fiscal Fix-up: Options for Strengthening the Finances of Western Canada’s Big Cities

In Framing a Fiscal Fix-up: Options for Strengthening the Finances of Western Canada’s Big Cities, Casey Vander Ploeg, of the Canada West Foundation, examines policy options for municipal financing.

Fuelling Fortress America: A Report on the Athabasca Tar Sands and U.S. Demands for Canada’s Energy

The Athabasca tar sands in Alberta hold the largest hydrocarbon deposit ever discovered, containing an estimated 175 to 200 billion barrels of recoverable oil. Using newer technology, this number might increase to as much as 2.5 trillion barrels of oil.

Good Neighbours: An Inventory of Interprovincial Cooperation in Western Canada, 1990-2002

This report, prepared by Lisa Fox and Robert Roach, examines existing examples of interprovincial cooperation in Western Canada; it outlines an account of interprovincial cooperation initiatives since 1990. Fox and Roach argue this report is a valuable resource for government staff, politicians, and citizens interested in the current intergovernmental environment and the quest for greater interprovincial cooperation and its benefits.

Improving Immigration: A Policy Approach for Western Canada

This report presents the results of a year-long research study that included consultations with 180 immigration professionals across the four Western provinces. Using a mix of research and professional opinion, this report provides a series of recommendations for improving the immigration experience in Western Canada. Jason Azmier suggests that much can be done to make the region more welcoming to immigrants.

Its Time For a New Relationship with the Federal Government

Dr. Graham Parsons discusses Western Canada's marginalization in the Canadian economy via policies of the federal government.

Looking West 2003: A Survey of Western Canadians

This report prepared by Loleen Berdahl provides an overview of the survey results. It notes key provincial, demographic and partisan variations. According to Berdahl, the idea is that survey findings will inform Canadians and their governments in ongoing discussions about the future of Canada.

Manitoba in Profile

Manitoba in Profile, by Jason Azmier of the Canada West Foundation, reports on economic and demographic trends in the province of Manitoba in order to inform policy makers on how best to deal with the increasing number of challenges presented to the province by globalization.

MetroWest II Conference Report: Focusing on the Future of Western Canada’s Cities

MetroWest II, by Casey Vander Ploeg, follows from the MetroWest II conference held in Winnipeg in October, 2002. The purpose of the conference was to bring together urban practicioners from Western Canada in order to identify and discuss issues confronting western cities.

Ottawa and the West: Reflections on the Western Economic Opportunities Conference of 1973

In October of 2003, the Canada West Foundation hosted a conference to mark the 30th anniversary of the 1973 Western Economic Opportunities Conference (WEOC). In this document, Gibbins and Roach report on that conference, which was designed to assess the WEOC experience and to explore the future engagement of the federal government in the Western Canadian economy.

Regional Approaches to Services in the West:  Health, Social Services and Education

In Regional Approaches to Services in the West: Health, Social Services and Education, Evan Jones and Susan McFarlane, of the Canada West Foundation, examine different approaches to regional service delivery in the four Western provinces.

Regional Distinctions: An Analysis of the Looking West 2004 Survey

The Canada West Foundation’s Looking West surveys are designed to provide valid and reliable data on western Canadian public opinion. The 2004 version includes questions on Westerners’ attitudes towards federalism.

Saskatchewan Prosperity: Taking the Next Step

This article by Jason Clemens, Joel Emes and Nadeem Esmail examines the challenges faced by Saskatchewan, offering both short- and long-term policy recommendations. Their main short-term recommendations are to privatize government business enterprises (GBEs, which are akin to Crown Corporations), use the proceeds from these privatizations to reduce the debt, and then to use the accumulated savings to finance the lowering of business taxes. Among their longer-term recommendations: shrinking the size of Saskatchewan’s government, and the continuing privatization of government business enterprises.

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